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Meet the Team

Get to Know the Crew

Jerry Williams

a person standing next to a plane

100 Ton Master Captain and PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Capt. Jerry is known around Siesta key as the pretty face of scuba. Jerry did his first dive in 1979 with his uncle Gene taking him on a pool dive for his 6th birthday, and that set in motion a love for diving.  Jerry got certified in 1986 as a padi junior open water diver. After serving in both the U.S. Army and then the U.S. Coast Guard  Jerry worked as a professional dive instructor since 2007 in the Caribbean, and all over Florida. He has certified hundreds of divers through the years. Capt.  Jerry takes  great pride in training and running dive trips though the keys. He can always be found helping divers, and boaters alike enjoy the waters of the Siesta Key.


a person standing next to a body of water

Dive Instructor and Operations Manager

Emma aka “The Boss Lady” played collegiate rugby in the frozen wastelands of Canada where she studied the chemical biology of the Canadian Snowman, ok actually infectious disease, but same difference, right?

On a break from her brainiac life, Emma came to Keys Huka Dive via the Fort Lauderdale yacht community. Emma is not only a PADI Dive Instructor, but a Certified Yacht Crewman. After an endless number of hours spent polishing the same surface, the Below Deck life lost its glimmer for Emma.

Emma left the East Coast of Florida, earning her Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Dive Instructor certifications with Keys Huka Dive in a few short months. She then wasted no time rising to Huka Dive and Beach Manager. Emma is a force of nature, her attention to detail and preparedness, never fails to provide high quality customer service which is catered to the needs of each adventurer. Yes, she can out-swim you, and the other crew members!

Emma’s Quote:
It’s way to cold


a person standing next to a body of water

Dive instructor and Assistant Operations Manager

He hails from the cold state of Illinois. Michael started his working career in his early 20’s as a mortgage broker.

He was a super successful broker acquiring all the things that are supposed to make us happy like a beautiful wife, a BMW, and an McMansion of a house. However Michael just wasn’t happy with the so called successful life of a desk bound guy.

So one day as he was pursuing the internet he seen an ad for a job as a professional scuba diver. Upon reading the ad the idea of a fun and exciting career grabbed Micheal’s interest like a pit-bull in a school yard. Michael then began daydreaming of days spent on the water and under the water and what living a fun and rewarding career might bring. So he had some obstacles to get through in order to become the Aqua Man that he envisioned.

So the first one was how to get the wife onboard with the whole life style change.

Well he was fortunate that his wife works in the health care industry particularly in dermatology. So pretty easy sale for are professional salesman like Michael.

What better place than Florida to advance a career in dermatology.

So then he moved to Florida got himself established and made a phone call to the good guys over at Keys Huka Dive.

Michael started his dive training with absolutely no experience at all. After the first couple of days it became apparent to Captain Jerry that Michael wasn’t a window licker, and was making great strides in going through the dive master program with ease.


a man holding a dog posing for the camera

Master Captain/Dive Master Ryan

There are no seas too high, no wind too strong, encounter an issue, he’ll solve it without even taking his eyes off the horizon. Captain Ryan is a former Marine who served our country honorably prior to serving us again as a Police Officer. Ryan and his K-9 partner kept the steers of Ohio safe for more than 20 years. Now Ryan and his Huka Crew partners continue to use their super powers for good, keeping weekend warriors safe on the beaches (and waterways) of Venice………. Florida, of course.
Ryan should not have survived his adventures in Guam, for real ask him about the underside of a submarine! Regardless, we are so fortunate that he did!! Ryan is one of the longest tenured team member at Keys Huka Dive for a reason. He is an amazing Captain who will ensure that your day is adventurous, safe and organized.

Ryan’s quote:
The green ones are the best.


Jon Hinson holding a fish on a boat in the water

Master Captain and PADI Dive Master

Born on a farm in rural Ohio, Jon moved to Miami before high school and made Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys his backyard playground. Growing up, he enjoyed many pleasure boats — Boston Whaler 13, Mako 22, Catalina 22 sailboat, and Dusky 23 — and later worked on Fisher Island ferries in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale water taxis. A UCF graduate with a degree in Health Service Administration, Jon retired early from a career in cardiac sonography to satisfy his wanderlust. In the past decade, he twice completed the Great Loop in a Mainship trawler, twice attempted the 300-mile Everglades Challenge in a self-built wooden sailing kayak, explored the U.S. and Canada as a full-time RV nomad, and hiked the 170-mile Camino de Santiago in Portugal and numerous segments of the Appalachian Trail. A licensed 100-ton Masters USCG Captain, he also has earned open water, advanced open water, and rescue diver certifications and is working toward his Dive Master certification. When he’s not on the water, Jon is playing tennis or hitting golf balls.

Jon’s quote:“Let’s go fishin


a man standing next to a body of water

Master Captain and PADI Dive Master

From the Chesapeake Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, this young man has taken the tourism industry by storm.

As a Coast Guard Master Captain with 3 years of experience in Maryland as a jet ski tour guide, another 2 as a parasail Mate, and a year as a fishing boat Mate, Malakhi had an excellent foundation for furthering his expertise by achieving his PADI Dive Master certification with Keys Huka Dive.

Oh, did I mention that Malakhi earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virgina in between flying customers 800 feet above the North Atlantic? In a major leap of faith…….…no, not moving from Maryland to Venice, Florida, but accepting a Captain role with Keys Huka Dive with full knowledge of Captain Jerry’s outrageous social media presence!

Malakhi next breezed through four levels of dive certification training, achieving his Dive Master in a few short months. Malakhi can now be found leading customer adventures both safely inside of and underneath Keys Huka Dive boats. Malakhi plans to summer in the Chesapeake and winter in the Gulf of Mexico, but we hope he abandons any plans of crossing the Mason Dixon.

Malakhi’s Quote: “So, tell me how that makes you feel.”


a man standing next to a car

Captain and PADI Dive Master

From Vernal Utah, home of Dinosaur National Monument, the largest quarry of prehistoric bones in the world, Deegan quickly made himself right at home in the Venice Boneyard! He is now one of Keys Huka Dive’s most skilled underwater fossil hunters.

In his pre-KHD life, Deegan worked as a bike mechanic and snowboard instructor while studying outdoor recreation at Southern Utah University. Continuing on his outdoorsman path, Deegan worked in the Oil Field for a number of years. He repaired oil rigs and also worked on an oil spill cleanup. No, not Deepwater Horizon; however, according to Hollywood insiders Mark Wahlberg has been cast to play Deegan as well!

Coming soon to theaters near you, he’s handy, he’s charming, and yes, he did singlehandedly rescued multiple mermaids during the spill

Deegan’s quote:
“Is there anything I can help you with?”


a person sitting on a boat in the water

Captain and PADI Dive Master

Janell’s a TRUE FLORIDA GIRL!  An all around sports enthusiast and a nature lover that has always had a passion for the great outdoors. She grew up dedicating her time to softball then later in high school, volleyball, and still loves to play both for fun. However, the sea has always called her name. With numerous hours on the water, she has reeled in a variety of monster fish, gigantic lobsters and buckets full of scallops.

   Now that her children are older, she’s decided to add another notch to her belt and pursued a career in diving. While taking care of her family, she completed the Divemaster program in 5 short months, but didn’t stop there. Janell went on to obtain her Master Captains license as well.

   If you’re ready for an exciting adventure, let Janell show you what’s UNDER THE SEA!


a young boy standing next to a tree

PADI Dive Master

Wes is an actual Florida native, they do exist! Wes worked several part time jobs while growing up in Florida including fisherman extraordinary, secret agent, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and photographing goats in trees.

Wes then decided he wanted to do more than just fish. He then applied himself to the study of the migration of prehistoric sharks from the Boneyard in Venice to the Mariana Trench. While Wes was in high demand as both a high stakes gambling influencer and a highly skilled sushi chef, his love of the sea ultimately won his heart.

At this point it was all over for Wes he responded to a social media spam from Captain Jerry and his destiny was forever changed. Wes mastered both the academics and practical skills, quickly earning his Padi Dive Master. Wes is a valuable member of the Keys Huka Dive Team.

Wes’s Quote:
“Just Dive Already!”


a person standing next to a body of water

PADI Dive Master

Kasey is a dive master with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University. He worked and dove the Texas Aquarium until he heard the hypnotic song of once specific Venice Siren. Kasey immediately left the water and vowed not to return.

After graduation, Kasey blindly followed a Tender date to Florida. Very surprisingly, that did not work out. Lucky for us, once Kasey saw the Venice visibility, he was hooked. For real, it is actually better than Corpus Christi!

Kasey is a graduate of the Keys Huka Dive Divemaster Program and is the poster child for “Venice Strong”. He survived Hurricane Ian in a 1969 Airstream boondocking at the Venice Jetties.

Kasey’s Quote:
“Those mountains aren’t blue!”

Kim Williams

a person sitting on a bench

Chief Financial Officer and Queen of Everything

Kim has worked as a CPA, and Finance Director for several state government agencies during her career. While she loved her career she wanted more than just a desk in her life. So she decided to check out scuba diving.

Kim then meet the good Capt. Jerry as a dive student in Mexico Beach, Florida. After completing her advanced diver certification, Kim decided to ask the good Captain out for a few drinks after a dive trip. Well, it just so happened that the good Capt. Jerry had his eye on Kim as well. It worked out in Kim’s favor after pursuing the young Capt. for many, many years, she final won the big door prize! Kim is now Mrs. Capt. Jerry Williams.

She is the backbone of Keys Huka Dive. With Kim’s extensive experience in financial management as well as early childhood development, she’s keeping the business and the good Capt. Jerry in order. Although Kim holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Florida State, she still whishes’ she could be a Florida Gator.

Kim’s Quote:
“Play the long game ladies!”