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Careers in Scuba Diving

Become a Dive Master

Dive Master / Boat Crewman Program

Paychecks in Paradise

Have you ever dreamed about working as a professional diver? Living a life style that most people only dream about?

No matter what your experience level is we can help you make the dream of becoming a padi dive master a reality. If your ready to change your life and start actually living instead of just existing than the dive master career might just be the right  for you.

Becoming a dive master isn’t easy, and not everyone can make it. But for those that do its like no other job out there. Your days are filled with prepping divers, loading gear, mating boats, and of course diving. Our program takes about 2 months to complete from start to end and less if you already have some certifications.

a group of people riding on the back of a motorcycleThe general process involves going through 4 separate classes which are:

1. Open water Diver takes just 3 days to complete.

2. Advanced Diver takes just 3 days to complete.

3. Rescue Diver takes just 3 days to complete.

The above classes are required prior to starting the dive master course.

4. Dive Master is your first professional level course.

This course takes the average person about a month to get through. The DM course has several key requirements that have to be completed. Having 60 logged dives is one of the major ones.

One of the major training aspects that we offer with or DM program is essential boat crew training.

We run a several multiengine dive boats, and as soon as you start training with us you will also be training in boat operations. You will be taught how to drive the dive boat, anchor operations, basic marine maintenance, and marine emergency procedures. During the training period we will have you on the boat learning your new career hands on. While in the dive master program you will  be trained as a U.S. Coast Guard mate.


a man swimming in the waterThis is a career path to becoming a U. S. Coast Guard Captain. You will shadow the other instructors, and DM’s while logging dives, learning or dive sites, in general learning your job.

We offer job placement services for all of are graduates.

This includes working with us (which we hope you will), and working either in the Keys or in the Islands its your choice.

After graduation from the dive master program the job market is wide open. Most dive masters are employed prior to even graduation.  So if wearing board shorts to work and having a flip flop tan lines sound like your type of office give us a call.

We offer installment payment plans. Call and we can make this career work around your schedule.

We also have an internship program were you can work off the dive master course fees.