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Captain Haylee


Master Captain and PADI Dive Master

Haylee came to Huka Dive in Jan 2020 and in just a few months she went from never dove before to a dive master.

She has in this short time also earned her Master Captains license.

Haylee has plans of traveling the Caribbean.

Haylee’s Quote:
“Tell me I can’t do it.”


a person standing next to a road

Captain and PADI Dive Instructor

Nick came to Huka Dive from the cold cold land of Providence, Rhode Island

in the land of northern aggression. Nick served in the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne division as a grunt. Capt. Jerry always has a place for veterans on his boats, so Nick started his journey to become a dive master.

Nick came to us as a lowly open water diver wanting to be more like the older and wiser good Capt. Jerry.

He worked his way through all of the dive courses, and earned his divemaster. He has been a big part of the dive team. Nick is always ready to go diving and find the Megalodon teeth. Nick has a super power he can actually smell the Megs. Its not unusual to see Nick telling Capt. Jerry were to drop the divers. When not working Nick can be found diving in the local rivers looking for Megs.

Nick’s Quote:
“What’s that smell? Oh its Meg teeth.”


a man smiling next to a body of water

Master Captain and PADI Dive Master

Sheldon was a welder at a nuclear power plant were he made a 6 figure income.

Then one day he came to Venice on a vacation and went huka diving with the crew, and it changed his life. After being back at the plant for a few months he started to realize that money isn’t everything in life. So he called Capt. Jerry and the next thing you know Sheldon quit his job moved to Venice and started working with Capt. Jerry and becoming a dive master, and a boat captain.

Sheldon’s  Quote:
“Is hero a strong word?”


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PADI Dive Master

Cody came to KHD in June of 2022 from the great state of Texas. He just graduated high school and was on a mission to find a career were his love for the outdoors, and boating could lead him. Well it just so happens, at that exact time, keys huka was looking for someone who loved boating and being outdoors. Cody has worked like a rented seahorse, knocking out his dive certs one after the other like Mike Tyson’s punch out. Cody is always the first one ready for a dive.

Cody completed the zero to hero program (our loving term for someone with no diving experience that goes from nothing to a PADI Divemaster). I am proud to say Cody is now a full member of KHD. Does Capt. Cody have a nice ring to it? I think he might be on that path as well.

Cody’s quote:
“Yes Sir I can do that!”


a group of people standing on top of a sandy beach

PADI Dive Instructor

Taylor came to huka dive from Wisconsin. She moved to the town of Northport were the boredom drove her to look for a career  were her love for the environment, and wildlife could come into play. That’s when she seen that Capt. Jerry was looking for a divemaster trainee. She meet with the good Captain, and decided to take the jump and become a divemaster.
She worked her butt off for several months of training while holding down two part time jobs. Taylor earned her dive master then her Instructor.  Don’t be surprised to see Taylor out diving most of the guys, and making them eat bubbles. She can always be found competing with the other crew as to who can find the biggest Meg teeth.

Taylor’s Quote:
“5 min. beach clean up anyone?”


a man standing in front of a car

PADI Dive Instructor

JD came to keys Huka Dive from Colorado via Ohio.

He has succeeded in a myriad of careers including ownership in a brewery in Colorado before moving to Florida and bumping into captain Jerry at a tiki bar.

Is JD lovable…. Yes
Is he a great diver…? Yes
Is he left-handed…? sadly yes
However, this man consistently finds Megalodon teeth.

He might even grab them with his left hand. He’s strong enough to move a piano or steal your heart.

When JD isn’t leading divers, he can be found with a beer in his hand (most of the time someone else’s beer) enjoying the local tiki bars and sand bars.

JD’s Quote:
“It’s for sale, 2 for 1 today only! (Megalodon teeth of course, get your mind out of the gutter!)”