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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Keys Huka Dive

Dive the reef today no experience needed.  

Dive Siesta Key, FL

Dive Charters and Dive Training

Keys Huka Dive offers reef diving in Siesta Key, FL, with dive charters, snorkel trips, spear-fishing expeditions, dive training, and advanced scuba courses. Visit us for the ultimate reef experience!

Huka Dives in Key West, FL


The Huka Dive Experience 

The Huka Dive is a chance to dive the reef just like a scuba diver, but it doesn't require any scuba certification. You are led by a dive master down to 20 FT. Each huka dive is about 25 minutes long.  Where you get a fish's eye view of the underwater world. You will have air supplied from a surface float, so you are free to just enjoy the reef while looking for meglodon sharks teeth  

1. Huka dives 25 min. from shore $90

 2. Huka dives 50 min.form shore $130

 3. Huka dive from the dive boat $130


Tank Dive Trips in Key West, FL

Tank Dive Trips 

The Two Tank Dive Trip is a chance to get out and dive. We have dive sites for everyone's comfort level. We always have a dive master to guide your dives, and this is free of charge. In this way, all you have to do is just enjoy the dive.  All gear included.

Guided shore dive $100

Inshore trip  3hr trip$130

Off shore 5hr trip $180

4hr High Seas Adventure

Boats, snorkeling, food, dolphins, and drinks 

Snorkel Trips in Key West, FL

 4 hour boat adventure from Venice, and Siesta Key for just $549 for 6 people. Are you ready for a fun day on the water? We offer several options for a unforgettable day boating, snorkeling, diving, fishing, booze cruise, dolphin, and manatee tours. The cabbage key adventure is a chance to boat to world famous Cabbage Key were you will enjoy lunch on the private island followed by snorkeling, and a dolphin, manatee tour. This is a totally customizable tour. The Caya Costa private beach adventure. This is a great opportunity to see old Florida. Caya Costa is an island paradise only accessible by boat. With pristine beaches loaded with shells you'll spend the day exploring this island then off to lunch on Boca Grande. We have several tour options available to suit everyone's needs. Give us a call at 305-609-7725www.keyshukadive.com


Huka Dives, Snorkel Trips, and Dive Charters 

Our snorkel trips are very low key with no more than a max of 6 people on board. You will get a chance to just enjoy your reef experience. We provide all the gear needed to snorkel, snacks, and water. You can also bring any food or drinks that you want.

All this for just $65 p.p.


Spearfishing Expeditions in Key West, FL

The spear and lobster fishing trip is for tank divers and free divers. Whether you're an experienced underwater hunter or a beginner, we can get you out there getting fish. We have training classes that will teach you the techniques of the underwater hunter from aiming to fish ID.


Open Water Diver to Dive Instructor (all inclusive) pricing.

Padi Dive Certificate Training in Key West, FL

Open Water Diving $425 all inclusive

The first course in Open Water Diver and this will  get you diving. In this course, you will go through the academic portion, pool sessions, and 4 open water dives. This course can be done in as little as 3 days. 

Dive Training in Key West, FL

Advanced Diver to Dive Master

We offer Advanced Scuba courses through to Dive Instructor. These courses are customized to fit your schedules, As with all advanced courses, payment plans are available. All courses are PADI Dive courses. All are dive training packages are all inclusive pricing which means the one price gets you your certification no nickel and diming you to death here.

Advanced Diver $425

Rescue Diver $425

Dive Master $1325


First Aid Course for Divers in Key West, FL

First Aid Courses 

The CPR/First Aid course is U.S. Coast Guard approved for the captain's license. This is a 6-hour course where you will be taught basic lifesaving techniques including oxygen use. This is a very important course and could help save a life. $60 p.p

Marine Services in Sarasota, FL

 Keys Huka Dive is proud to be involved and stays up-to-date on with marine services like boat bottom cleaning, and zinc replacement techniques that keep our water environment safe for humans and ocean life alike. 


Jerry Williams

Captain and Padi IDC Staff Instructor

Capt. Jerry is known around Siesta key as the pretty face of scuba. Jerry did his first dive in 1979 with his uncle Gene taking him on a pool dive for his 6th birth day, and that set in motion a love for diving.  Jerry got certified in 1986 as a padi junior open water diver. After serving in both the U.S. Army and then the U.S. Coast Guard  Jerry worked as a professional dive instructor in the Caribbean , and all over Florida. He has certified hundreds of divers through the years. Capt.  Jerry takes  great pride in training and running dive trips though the keys. He can always be found helping divers, and boaters alike enjoy the waters of the Siesta Key.  

Dive Master Kyle


Former European football star (yes football, not soccer) Kyle Faunce has fallen in love with the ocean. His stardom started back in high school in Indiana where he was quickly noticed for throwing the ball. He was the quarterback for multiple teams in both France and Germany at some point in his past! You should ask him about it… Kyle left Europe  and seen the career diver position with Keys Huka. Kyle made diving his passion, and within a few months he devlopeted a reputation of providing great customer service. Then a position of dive Operations Manager opened up (DOM… might be a made-up title) here at Keys Huka, so Kyle was offered the position. 

Now Kyle's main goal in life is to be a slightly less attractive Capt. Jerry.

                                                                                Kyle's  Quote                          

                                                                            Always have a tent 


Dive Master 


Lisa was working in slave like condition at The Out back steak house in Daytona beach. Which is a tough place to work as a vegan. While she was doing OK in Daytona  she set for hours on end staring out at the ocean wondering how could she make a life on the sea. Then she discovered scuba diving and decided she wanted a different way of life ( A dive life ). She wanted to live and work were the palm trees grow and there is no snow on the sand.  Well soon after she joined the crew at Huka Dive. She moved into the company dorms and made the guys clean up the place (it needed it). Lisa is always the first person to jump on the boat and help get the trip started. She'll have you suited up and in the water in no time. 

        Lisa's moto

         (Which Bikini should to wear to work today) 

Dive Master Mike

Padi Dive Instructor

Dive Instructor Mike came to Keys Huka Dive after he  graduated from the University of Delaware ( smallest state in the union ) population five. He then  worked a full time job wearing fancy pants and a tie ( OMG the horror ).  He soon quit that job in search of the great sunshine. After much time reflecting about life, and  his time in Hollywood as Zach Efron's body double Dive Master Mike moved to Siesta Key to escape the paparazzi, and found happiness at the bottom of the ocean. 

Dive Master/25 ton master Captain 

 Captain Haylee

 Haylee came to Huka Dive in Jan 2020 and in just a few months she went from never dove before to a dive master.

She has in this short time also earned her Master Captains license.

Haylee has plans of traveling the Caribbean. 

Haylee's saying is (Tell me I can't do it).

Dive Master


Destiney Signed on with Huka Dive in November 2019.

She has worked at full speed ahead all while holding down a full time job.

On Destiny's first dive Capt. Jerry said she was a true natural diver.

She and Capt. Haylee have been friends since 5th grade. They plan to travel the state, and the Caribbean diving and breaking hearts.

Destiny's motto is ( I want to be like Capt. Jerry when I grow Up)

Dive Masters


Kasey found his way to keys Huka dive after following a tinder girl from Texas to Florida. Luckily he came equipped with his marine biology degree from Texas A&M & years of experience working as a diver at the Texas aquarium. Kasey soon fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a boat bottom cleaner and immediately began perfecting boat bottoms in a myriad of marine environments. He can identify any fish on the reef and will be the first to hand you a beer after the dive, a bush light of course, Kasey's specialty. He enjoys taking long walks on the beach and leaving his underwear in the bathroom. 

Casey's motto is ( I need a sharper filet knife).

Become a Dive Master

Dive Master/ Boat crewman program.

         Pay checks in paradise                                  

Have you ever dreamed about working as a professional diver? Living a life style that most people only dream about? 

No matter what your experience level is we can help you make the dream of becoming a padi dive master a reality. If your ready to change your life and start actually living instead of just existing than the dive master career might just be the right  for you.

Becoming a dive master isn't easy, and not everyone can make it. But for those that do its like no other job out there. Your days are filled with prepping divers, loading gear, mating boats, and of course diving. Our program takes about 2 months to complete from start to end and less if you already have some certifications.

The general process involves going through 4 separate classes which are:

1. Open water Diver takes just 3 days to complete.

2. Advanced Diver takes just 3 days to complete.

3. Rescue Diver takes just 3 days to complete. 

 The above classes are required prior to starting the dive master course.

4. Dive Master is your first professional level course.

This course takes the average person about a month to get through. The DM course has several key requirements that have to be completed. Having 60 logged dives is one of the major ones.            

                             Boat Operations

One of the major training aspects that we offer with or DM program is essential boat crew training.

We run a 40ft twin diesel dive boat, and as soon as you start training with us you will also be training in boat operations. You will be taught how to drive the dive boat, anchor operations, basic marine maintenance, and marine emergency procedures. During the training period we will have you on the boat learning your new career hands on. While in the dive master program you will  be trained as a U.S. Coast Guard mate. 

This is a career path to becoming a   U. S. Coast Guard Captain You will shadow the other instructors, and DM's while logging dives, learning or dive sites, in general learning your job.

We offer job placement services for all of are graduates.

This includes working with us (which we hope you will), and working either in the Keys or in the Islands its your choice.

After graduation from the dive master program the job market is wide open. Most dive masters are employed prior to even graduation.  So if wearing board shorts to work and having a flip flop tan lines sound like your type of office give us a call.

We offer installment payment plans starting at just $50 a week. Call and we can make this career work around your schedule.

We also have an internship program were you can work off the dive master course fees.


Please feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Our dive boat The Journey is located at the

212 Casey Key Rd.

Nokomis, FL 34275

We serve Siesta Key, Venice, Sarasota, and all the surrounding areas of Florida.


FaceBook: Keys Huka Dive

Phone 305-609-7725