Scuba Diving Career Development

Career Development

PADI has a great e-learning program, so you can take your classes just about anywhere.

Become a P.A.D.I Professional

Have you thought about changing your life and your career? Do you want a life that will make

you happy and fulfilled. Do you like scuba diving, watersports, and the warm sunshine?

Well maybe a life of a dive professional might be for you. Working as a P.A.D.I (professional

association of dive instructors) dive pro will change your life forever. Whether you want to

turn your hobby in to a money making side job, or if you want to take it to the next level and

work full time as a dive pro. With a padi pro level certification you’ll have access to the pro

employment pages which have over 150 jobs a day so you can work anywhere in the world.

As a PADI Pro you’ll work with people who want an adventure. So if you don’t want be the

person who looks back on their life with regrets like (I wish I would have done that). Then take

that step and for your future and become a P.A.D.I professional with Keys Huka Dive here in

Marathon, Florida in the American Caribbean.


We can get you started in your new career as a P.A.D.I dive pro for less Than $2300 dollars.

This price includes open water, advanced open water, rescue diver, and dive master.

This price includes all costs, classes, books, all filling fees. I’m telling you this is the price for

everything to become a dive pro with Keys Huka Dive here in Marathon, Florida.

We also have job placement assistants when you graduate from the dive training program.


Note: Picture at top copyright PADI Americas Inc. and used with permission.